Logging in

To start a biometrics session, use a browser to navigate to an installed server. Get the URL from your system administrator. (For browser recommendations, see Installation requirements and guidelines in the installation guide.)

Note: Users can only log into one session at a time. This applies to high availability deployments as well, where login is exclusive across multiple servers.

After logon, the system displays the available applications:

Available applications



Technical Management

Enables monitoring system components, auditing logs, scheduling administrative tasks, managing the system license, and more. See Technical Management application.

Platform Admin

Provides a variety of tools for properly setting up the system and its biometric functionality. See Platform Admin application.

Security Console

Enables auditing operation and provides tools for managing User Authorization. See Security Console application.


Enables auditing and reviewing speaker’s interactions with the system. See Helpdesk application.

FraudMiner Workstation

Performs real-time fraudster detection. See FraudMiner Workstation application.

Identifier Workstation

Allows users to monitor and manage all biometric aspects of the Identifier product. See Identifier Workstation application.


The primary application for investigators. See Forensics Workstation application.

Note: If your applications are disabled ensure that your license includes the correct web applications, and that the logged on user has the required security permissions. For further guidance contact Nuance support.

Changing products in the web interface

Your Nuance license and your biometrics user account determines which web application interfaces are available to you. To see a list of available interfaces and change from one to another, follow these steps:

  1. Click the application icon in the top right corner of the window, and the system displays the installed products.
  1. Select the desired interface.

Also, see Overview of the software platform.