Getting Started

Nuance Security Suite is a platform of security products that use biometric data to confidently distinguish and identify people. Each product fits different security scenarios and purposes, and is licensed separately by Nuance. The products are installed on a common platform by a single procedure, and data is shared when more than one product is licensed.

If your system has more than one product licensed, you can change interfaces at any time. See Changing products in the web interface.


This documentation has instructions and tools for each stakeholder who helps deploy a biometric solution.

Compliance with Standards

This product complies and is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013. ISO validates requirements and operates as a technical testing organization for safety, efficiency and quality. It focuses on certifying against relevant ISO (International) standards, proven technical aspects and local law. The certification assures customers that the biometrics system meets world-class industry standards in relation to the design and integrity of its security and privacy capabilities, both technically and procedurally. It also provides confidence that the system aligns to the customer's overarching information security management program.

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